Seminar The Mediterranean Linguistic Atlas: New Developments and Perspectives

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus MAR, 0102 2018

As part of the events associated with the digital enhancement project of the Mediterranean Linguistic Atlas, a seminar organised by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini will be held on San Giorgio in collaboration with the Centre for Sicilian Philological and Linguistic Studies, Palermo; the Department of Juridical Sciences, Language, Interpretation and Translation at the University of Trieste; the Department of Asian, African and Mediterranean Studies at L’Orientale University, Naples; and ALEPO (Linguistic and Ethnographic Atlas of Eastern Piedmont) in the Department of Humanities Studies at the University of Turin.
The topics addressed will concern: assigning linguistic areas to area managers (by Giovanni Ruffino, Franco Crevatin, Riccardo Contini, and Tullio Telmon); the presentation of projects for the involvement of the new generations (training seminars and scholarships); defining methods and objectives and the sharing of materials online; describing the so-called “area monographs”; and the presentation of the new bulletin for the Mediterranean Linguistic Atlas (BALM).

In addition to the organisers, so far the following institutions have confirmed they will attend:
Accademia dei Lincei; Istituto dell’Atlante Linguistico Italiano; Department of Human
Sciences, University of Basilicata; Department of Philology and Literary Criticism, University
of Siena; Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Udine; Department
of Humanities Studies, Ca’ Foscari University, Venice; and Department of Humanities and
Social Sciences, University of Sassari.