Study Day Mischa Scandella and Italian Set Design in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus NOV, 24 2023

As part of the activities promoted by the National Committee for the celebrations of the centenary of Mischa Scandella’s birth, of which the Institute of Theatre and Opera is the promoting body, a study day on the Venetian artist and Italian set design in the second half of the twentieth century is planned. The meeting will provide an opportunity to conclude the work of the National Committee and to introduce the public to both the Venetian set designer’s theatre and the activities promoted during the
Committee’s three-year existence. At the end of the work, the Scandella Prize will be awarded, for the second year running, to students at the Fine Arts Academies for the best set design projects inspired by the work of the Venetian master.
The scenographer Pier Luigi Pizzi, the scholar Cristina Grazioli and the members of the Scandella National Committee – Maria Ida Biggi, Nicola Bruschi, Lorenzo Cutuli and Marianna Zannoni – will be present at the event.