❗️ POSTPONED ❗️ Study Day Prisco Bagni, Passionate Research into Guercino and the Gandolfi

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus MAR, 18 2020

We inform you that the Study Day dedicated to Prisco Bagni is postponed until further notice.

Prisco Bagni (1921-1995) was an outsider. His education did not include humanities studies, but his passion for the art of his homeland transformed a successful textiles entrepreneur into a meticulous and tireless
researcher, an amateur (art lover) in the 18th-century sense of the term.

Originally from Cento (Ferrara), the home of Guercino and not far from San Matteo della Decima, where the brothers Ubaldo and Gaetano Gandolfi were born, Bagni began by collecting drawings and paintings.
But when he realised there was a dearth of modern historiographic studies on the subject, he set about writing monographs and studies. In his research he sought the advice and exchanged views with internationally renowned art historians, including Denis Mahon, with whom he shared a love for the artist from Cento. Fifteen years after Bagni’s death, his widow, Carla Bardazza, donated her husband’s photographic collection associated with his Gandolfi studies to the Fondazione Cini, whose Certani Collection includes around one hundred drawings by the Gandolfi and their school. The Study Day moderator is Marco Riccòmini, who edited the catalogue I Gandolfi. Disegni della raccolta Certani alla Fondazione Giorgio Cini (2018).