The ArtTech Forum 2019

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus SEP, 24 2019

ArtTech is a Swiss foundation created in spring 2017 with the aim of building a platform for exchanges and meetings between groups of experts from various fields in order to bring two
traditionally distant worlds, art and technology, into communication.

Through the development of initiatives at national and international level, the ArtTech Foundation sets out to preserve and promote the cultural heritage by stimulating thinking on the opportunities offered by new technologies and by supporting ground-breaking, disruptive innovative projects situated at the crossroads between culture, art, technology and science. The ArtTech Foundation also aims to encourage the growth of favourable environments for the creation of high-potential start-ups. By building a community that brings together
researchers, leading personalities from the world of art and culture, investors and entrepreneurs, the ArtTech Foundation wishes to play a key role in this booming young sector of the economy. In the pursuit of this mission, the Foundation organises the ArtTech Forum on an annual basis, bringing together in seminars and at round tables an international community
of researchers, technicians, scientists and representatives from the world of economics and culture. The third edition of the ArtTech Forum will take place on the Island of San Giorgio,
Venice, on 24 September in partnership with the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.
During the event several projects will be presented to highlight the link between new technologies, heritage conservation and methods of archiving historical data. The ArtTech Forum 2019
also includes a round table on new business models, focused on promoting entrepreneurship and investments in the field of culture and technology. Lastly, the forum will end with the
ArtTech Prize, to be awarded to one of eight startups selected by an international jury. The participants from Europe, the United States and Asia will be offered the opportunity to forge
special links for the purpose of developing and launching innovative projects.
For further information on the ArtTech Foundation and the ArtTech Forum 2019, please visit the website