The latest contemporary donations to the Centro Studi Vetro - Fondazione Giorgio Cini Onlus

The latest contemporary donations to the Centro Studi Vetro

plus DEC, 15 2020

In the last year and despite the critical period, the Centro Studi Vetro of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini has not slowed down its research and has, on the contrary, been further enriched thanks to new bequests that expand the already precious heritage preserved so far at the Venetian institution.
The Study Center therefore reconfirms itself as the point of reference for drawings, sketches, projects, photographs and documents relating to some of the most interesting artists and designers of our time, who have used glass with the most diverse and sometimes conflicting intentions and results.


These donations therefore testify the activity of living artists and designers, Venetian and not only, who have tried and continue to try to work with glass, demonstrating the importance of their legacies for the dissemination of knowledge, both technical and cultural heritage of this fascinating sector.
With these recent acquisitions, an already rich collection is enriched, which boasts an impressive twentieth-century documentary heritage, confirming how the Centro Studi Vetro has now become the most fruitful Italian center for research in the field of glass art and its history, but also for the development of this artistic form and the didactic, study and promotion activities connected to it.


Donations will be presented by

Luca Massimo Barbero

David Landau

Cristina Tonini

Giorgio Vigna


with video contributions of

Rosa Barovier Mentasti

Christian Bianchin

Silvano Rubino


The presentation is intended for the press.