Workshop Music for teaching foreign languages (L2)

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus Oct, 2324 2013

Can music indirectly help in learning a second language? The observation of methods
tried out in recent decades by teachers in Italian schools in daily contact with multi-ethnic
classes has demonstrated that music can help immigrant children learn Italian. Similarly,
they found music helps Italian children to learn a foreign language. Th e methods involved
emphasise the musical aspects in language such as: the sound of phonemes, intonation,
rhythm, speed of words and pauses. At the same time music can also encourage coming
together, exchanges and changes in the various identities of students. Th is seminar in the
form of a workshop organized by the Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies,
held by Serena Facci and Gabriella Santini – designed for primary and secondary teachers as well as teachers of Italian as a foreign language – will take the participants through
simulated teaching practices based on the use of a repertory of Italian and foreign songs
to be taught to students. Th e method focuses on the musicality of words and also involves
body language.