Workshop “Research-Led Performance. Conducting Twentieth-Century Music for Ensemble”

Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venezia
plus Mar, 1315 2023

The Research-Led Performance cycle resumes with a workshop for young conductors, organised by the Institute for Music, coordinated by Marco Angius with the participation of soloists from the Orchestra of Padua and the Veneto Region, dedicated to the conducting of chamber ensembles: a formation varying in number and type of instrument that has characterised musical production ever since Arnold Schoenberg’s Kammersymphonie (1906). Six young conductors who have shown interest and aptitude for this repertoire will be selected by means of a call for applications. Alongside Schoenberg’s pioneering composition, two works by Italian composers who established a long-distance dialogue with the Viennese master will be tackled: Serenata No. 2 by Bruno Maderna and Hölderlin: Epilogo by Giacomo Manzoni. Practical sessions will alternate with theoretical ones, held by Gianmario Borio and Francisco Rocca. At the end of the work, a number of students will demonstrate the outcomes of the workshop in a public event.