Accademia Vivaldi 2018 Masterclass on the performance practice of the music of Antonio Vivaldi

Accademia Vivaldi 2018

Masterclass on the performance practice of the music of Antonio Vivaldi

Venice, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, 14th – 17th February; 14th -17th March; 18th – 21st April;

16th – 9th May; 6th – 9th June; 24th – 27th October; 14th – 17th November; 12th – 15th December.

Deadlines for presentation of requests: 5th February; 12th February; 12th March; 16th April; 7th May; 24th September; 15th October; 12th November.

The Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi organizes eight meetings on the performance practice of the compositions by Antonio Vivaldi, dedicated to young singers and musicians.

Each meeting will take place at Fondazione Giorgio Cini, on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, in Venice, and will last for three whole days, from 2 pm on the first day (Wednesday) to 1 pm on the fourth day (Saturday).

The teachers are Gemma Bertagnolli (singing), Giorgio Fava (violin) and Walter Vestidello (cello). Harpsichord: Antonio Frigé.


From 14th to 17th February: Sacred vocal music (Gemma Bertagnolli)

From 14th to 17th March: Secular vocal music (cantatas and serenate) (Gemma Bertagnolli)

From 18th to 21st April: Violin sonatas (for one or two violins and B.C.) (Giorgio Fava)

From 16th to 19th May: Musical dramas I (Gemma Bertagnolli)

From 6th to 9th June: Cello sonatas (Walter Vestidello)

From 24th to 27th October: Musical dramas II (Gemma Bertagnolli)

From 14th to 17th November: Cello concertos (Walter Vestidello)

From 12th to 15th December: Violin concertos (Giorgio Fava)


For each meeting, no more than seven active students will be admitted at the sole discretion of the commission.

The Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi will provide scholarships, which will cover the costs of attendance, for all students admitted.

Students can also stay on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, at the Residenza of Vittore Branca International Center of Italian Civilization, in a single room at a price of 55 euros per night or in a double room at a price of 85 euros per night.

Candidates must send to the e-mail address :

– detailed curriculum vitae

– copy of an identity document

– link to a video recording a performance of two pieces by Antonio Vivaldi or other author of the same period.

Individual students or pre-established ensembles (1 or 2 violins + basso continuo) will be admitted to the courses.

At the end of each meeting a certificate of attendance will be issued on request.

The meetings are also open to auditors, upon request and following approval.


Per information:

Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi | Fondazione Giorgio Cini
Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore – 30124 Venezia – Italia | T. 39 041 2710250


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