Call for articles – Special Issue – Religiographies, Vol 2, no. 1, December 2023 – Zoroastrian Esotericism

Zoroastrian Esotericism


The works of scholars who have explored esotericism in the context of the Zoroastrian religion, whether ancient or contemporary, are few. Furthermore, scholarly work has never led to the establishment of a theoretical framework for the study of Zoroastrian esotericism. In particular, the way the followers of the Zoroastrian religion understand, experience, and make sense of the esoteric has never been explored.


This Call for articles invites contributions that discuss case studies and answer some of the following questions:

– Can Zoroastrian esotericism exist as a field of research?

– Are geographical or cultural criteria sufficient to define its boundaries?

– In the light of the constituting characteristics of the old Iranian religion, is Zoroastrian esotericism to be intended as a dimension of religious scriptures and beliefs, of their performative aspect or of some other dimension?

– How do Zoroastrian dualism, ethnicity and purity inform the esoteric? How have Persianate, South Asian, Western, and Global esoteric currents shaped Zoroastrianism?

– To what extent do the esoteric dimensions of Zoroastrianism draw upon and/or contribute to the theoretical framework of an esotericism beyond the West?

– Interdisciplinary methods of investigation are encouraged together with an emphasis on emic categories of the esoteric.


This Special Issue aims at orienting the scholarly debate towards the assessment of Zoroastrian esotericism as a field of research in its own right.


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Deadline: 1st September 2022