Call for papers Religious dimensions of nationalism: Interdisciplinary perspectives


Nationalism and religion have become closely entangled in the last two centuries. Nationalism in fact, can be easily associated with “political religion”, charismatic leadership, forms of prophetism, messianism, millennialism, and more generally mysticism, esotericism and alternative spirituality. The old religious concept of a divine covenant with a “chosen people” takes new shapes in nationalist, but also imperialist and colonialist, discourses. The spread of nationalism on a global scale, and its role in the decolonisation process, is also often far from having a purely political or secular dimension, and indeed alliances with religious fundamentalism are now a prominent feature.


This entangled relationship warrants a fresh focus on the relationship between nationalism and religion, which remains relatively inconspicuous in the field of nationalist studies. This conference aims at bringing together scholars coming from different disciplines who are interested in this relationship. We would like to have papers focusing on the modern and contemporary period from a global perspective, but we would also welcome contributions on earlier periods that would problematise modernist concepts of nationalism.


Downlaod Call fo papers CfP Nationalism

Deadline 1 June 2020