By Music


Towarrds the end of nineteenth century, instrumental music experoences a renaissance in Italy following several centuires of the monopoly of the opera permitting italian musical culture to emerge from its state of lethargy. This development was prompted by a generation of composers who were able to create what is generally known as the “italian School” of alternatively “Italian manner” an interpretation of music an interpretation of music of the modern age, through the unique and serendipitours combination of capturing and trasforming and influnences contiune to exert a certain influence up to the present day.

The brief Allegro danzante, compoesed by Nino Rota during a summer sojourn in Fiuggi in 1977, bears witness to his invenitvness and musical verve. The work is constructed as athree-part album leal reflecting the personality of the composer and his ibfallible sense of harmony and chromaticism.

The Allegro danzante is published here for the fisrt time, the original manuscript is hosued in the Rota Archive at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.