«Archival Notes: Sources and Research from the Institute of Music» 6 (2021)

By Music

Online journal edited by the Istituto per la Musica.



Giuliano Danieli, Echoes of Folk Music in Roman Vlad’s Documentary Soundtracks: Intersections between Cinema, Ethnomusicology and Exoticism


Alessandra Origani, Ernesto Rubin de Cervin: Scenes from his Cultural Biography


Gabriele Sfarra, Three ‘Meditazioni’ by Giovanni Salviucci


Maria Marta Vitale, Egisto Macchi’s ‘Pocket’ La bohème: Innovation and Tradition in the Reduction of Puccini’s Masterpiece



Miriam Akkermann, Systematising (at) the Present for the Future: Reflections on Archiving Electroacoustic Music


Laura Zattra, The Electroacoustic Music Archives at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini: A Review of the Camillo Togni, Fausto Romitelli and Giacomo Manzoni Collections 


Documents & Reports


Luigi Collarile, Andrea Gabrieli for Igor Stravinsky (Venice, 15 April 1971): The Choice of Sandro Dalla Libera


Carlo Ferdinando de Nardis, A Musical Notebook by Alfredo Casella: Quaderno 9 (1924–1926)


David Gallagher, A Contribution to Malipiero Bibliography: Some Addenda to the Work of John C.G. Waterhouse