Bruno Visentini. Governo, Cultura, Venezia. Scritti scelti 1969-1994

Bruno Visentini

Governo, Cultura, Venezia

Scritti scelti 1969-1994

Edited by Martino Ferrari Bravo and Pasquale Gagliardi

Marsilio Editori, Venice, 2015

Promoted by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the death of Bruno Visentini, president of the Foundation for eighteen years from 1977 to 1975, this book is an anthology of his writings published in various places from 1969 to 1994. It is thus a companion volume to the earlier Per Bruno Visentini (edited by Costantina Toria and Renzo Zorzi, Marsilio 2001), also promoted by the Foundation to bring together the papers presented at the conference of the same title held in April 1998 on San Giorgio, three years after Visentini’s Death. Unlike the earlier book, which oered an overall portrait of his personality and a description of his work thanks to the contributions of the various illustrious conference speakers, this volume is a kind of self-portrait highlighting Visentini’s knowledge, and his cultural and political outlook. Most importantly, however, it tells of his passions. The editors have careful selected his writings and divided them into five thematic sections reflecting the three main currents of Bruno Visentini’s great “passions”: politics, culture and Venice.