Domenico Bossi 1767-1853. Da Venezia al Nord Europa. La carriera di un maestro del ritratto in miniatura

By institute Art History
Saggi e profili d’arte veneta
Scripta edizioni, Verona, 2012

The result of a decade of research work, this is book is the first monograph dedicated to the Italian miniaturist Domenico Bossi (1767-1853). Born into a Venetian family in Trieste, Bossi is rightly considered one of the great miniature portraitists of the Neoclassical age. After studying at the Venice Accademia under the guidance of Giandomenico Tiepolo, he had a remarkable international career. Active in the late 18th and early 19th-century in some of the major European cities – such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Stockholm, Saint Petersburg, Paris, Vienna and Munich – he also obtained prestigious commissions from the ruling families in Russia, Holland, Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Swabia. Asked to join the fine arts schools in Stockholm (1798) and Vienna (1818), he was also appointed court painter by the King of Sweden, Charles XIV John in 1824. The book finally does justice to this great artist, well-known in northern Europe, but almost totally neglected in Italy. Doughtily continuing the glorious tradition of the ivory miniature, made popular in the early 18th century by the resounding success of Rosalba Carriera’s innovative art, he proudly signed his works: “Domenico Bossi, veneziano”.