Ethnomusicology or transcultural musicology?

By Etnomusicology
ISBN 9788861631502


Edited by
Francesco Giannattasio
Giovanni Giuriati

Perspectives on a 21st Century Comparative Musicology: Ethnomusicology or Transcultural Musicology? stems from the ‘International Seminars in Ethnomusicology’ that F. Giannattasio conceived within the activities of the Intercultural Institute for Comparative Music Studies of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, devoted to a wide reflection on aims, methods and objects of study of ethnomusicology in the light of the profound changes occurring in this field at the beginning of the 21st Century. It concerns a radical rethinking – at a theoretical and epistemological level – of the history of the discipline, due to the contemporary profound transformation of the object of study. The volume has the ambition of offering new views on what a comparative musicology could do in its enquiry into contemporary music making processes.

Scholars coming from different parts of the world, and from different fields of study such as W. Welsch, L.-Ch. Koch, T. Rice, S. Feld, J. Guilbault, J-L. Amselle, contributed to the volume presenting theoretical approaches as an implicit or explicit reaction to the theoretical issues presented by Giannattasio. Together with them, some Italian scholars (G. Giuriati, C. Rizzoni, G. Vacca, R. Di Mauro, M. Agamennone, F. Gervasi) present their thoughts drawn from research in two contexts identified as case studies: the area of Naples and its surroundings, and the Salento.