Gillo Dorfles. Ghiribizzi

Edited by Aldo Colonnetti and Luigi Sansone

Editore Electa, Milan, 2021

Promoted by the Associazione culturale Gillo Dorfles, founded in 2018 by his heirs, this book is the catalogue for the exhibition Gillo Dorfles. Ghiribiz- zi, staged in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini (25 November 2021 – 3 March 2022). The exhibition consisted of 21 previously unexhibited drawings, made in the final years of the artist’s life, shown alongside a painting, Vitrol, and two books, the first and last that he published.

Dorfles’s paintings and drawings, from his early period in 1930 to his last works in 2018, the year of his death, are all bathed in the aura of a surreal metaphysical light that takes us into an arcane world inhabited either by beings, sometimes with zoomorphic features, or by a combina- tion of vegetable, animal and human forms that surprise us for their pow- erful presence and enigmatic gazes. This fascinating, timely publication designed by Multiplo, highlights the peculiarities of Dorfles’s poetics and – especially thanks also to Luigi Sansone’s text – reveals the perceptual intimism of sensations and intuitions that he injected into reality, trans- figured and deeply penetrated by interrogatory colours and marks: a fine tribute to the original uniqueness of Gillo Dorfles.