La “splendida” Venezia di Francesco Morosini 1619-1694: cerimoniali, arti, cultura

By Art History

Edited by Matteo Casini, Simone Guerriero and Vincenzo Mancini

Fondazione Giorgio Cini / Marsilio, Venice 2022

This book brings together the proceedings of the international conference on Francesco Morosini, known as the Peloponnesian (1619-1694), organ- ised by the Institute of Art History as part of the events promoted by the Committee for the Celebrations of the 400th Anniversary of the Birth of Francesco Morosini and held at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini. An admiral, diplomat and then doge, Morosini was the last of the illustrious patricians who made the Serenissima Republic great. He restored some of its former political influence on the international stage and revived the Venetians’ dream of possessing a maritime empire.

The book presents the results of the individual papers, arranged ac- cording to the thematic lines addressed during the two days in Venice. Among the topics examined and illustrated by speakers selected from