Lettera da San Giorgio 19



Programmes (September 2008 – February 2009)


Main Future Activities

Exhibition New Graphic Design Japan TDC08

International Conference Genji, the shining prince. A thousand years of elegance in Japan

Exhibition Fratelli d’Italia by Matthias Schaller

Film series “in four seasons”
The Ludwig Van Picture Show. LVPS

Fourth World Conference on The Future of Science
Food and Water for Life

International Conference for 150 years since the birth of Eleonora Duse (1858-2008)
Voices and spirits, bodies and writing

Exhibition Luigi Nono, a biography

Course of diphonic singing by Tran Quang Hai

Polyphonies “in viva voce” 12
Polyphonies from the Veneto and Friulan area

Concert Homage to Antonio Miari

Books at San Giorgio

Study Conference Rodolfo Pallucchini and 20th-century Arts

Seminar on Samuel Beckett Nothing to say

Arturo Rietti: two portraits and some letters from the Gustavo Botta Bequest in the Giorgio Cini Foundation

Projects and research
Eleonora Duse: new insights

Presences on San Giorgio
Andrea Palladio and Paolo Veronese. A successful partnership, despite some misunderstandings