Lettera da San Giorgio 30 - Fondazione Giorgio Cini Onlus

Lettera da San Giorgio 30

International conference Tomaso Buzzi, a pioneer of a modern Italian taste
Seminar The soundscape of Italian cinema: 1945-1975
Exhibition Diverse Maniere: Piranesi, Fantasy and Excess
World Theatre Day Theatre in prison
Books at San Giorgio
Le Stanze del Vetro. Exhibition The Santillanas
Bîrûn. Ottoman Music Workshops
Persian Language Compositions at the Ottoman Court
Georg Solti Accademia
Sixth Edition of the Solti Peretti Répétiteurs’ Masterclasses.
Final concert with five pianos and six voices
Historical Studies Seminar Macro-fears and micro-fears
Seminar Reconstructing Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge.
The life experience and work of Onesta Carpené
Performance by the Cambodia Royal Ballet Lights and Shadows
The Egida Sartori and Laura Alvini Early Music Seminars
Alessandro Stradella 1639-1682. Seven cantatas rediscovered
in Fondazione Giorgio Cini archives
Staged reading Tre quarti di luna by Luigi Squarzina
Heinz Mack: The Sky Over Nine Columns
Commemorating Roman Vlad (1919-2013)
Seminar Performing music: a comparative approach
Performance of Traditional and Contemporary Korean Music and Dance
The Bridging Colours. White
Conference Giammaria Ortes in 18th-Century Venice
Towards a Network of the European Archives of Twentieth-Century Music
– On the Correspondence of Musicians and Interaction between Archives
The Palazzo Cini Gallery: a collector’s home
Illuminated pages, cuttings and manuscripts in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini:
the general catalogue
The manuscript of Stradella cantatas and arias in the Malipiero Archive