Meravigliose macchine di giubilo. L’architettura e l’arte degli organi a Venezia nel Rinascimento

By Art History
Collana “Saggi e profili d’arte veneta”
Scripta edizioni, Verona 2012

The organ, a “marvellous instrument for rejoicing”, enjoyed a particularly fruitful season in Venice during the Renaissance when it stood out as a summa of the arts. In this book Massimo Bisson provides a new historiographical picture based on a very interdisciplinary approach which includes the description of the sounds and technical features of instruments, an analysis of their design and ornamentation, and a study of the sacred spaces and liturgical ceremonies.The book is thus a wide-ranging look at music, architecture and art, which embraces two centuries of Venetian history (the mid-15th to the mid-17th century), the time of greatest cultural splendour in the Venetian Republic.