Musical Listening in the Age of Technological Reproduction

By institute Music
ISBN 9781472442161

Musical Listening in the Age of Technological Reproduction

Edited by Gianmario Borio

Musical Cultures of the Twentieth Century

Ashgate Publishing, Farnham (Surrey, UK) – Burlington (VT, USA), 2015

This is the first book in a new series entitled “Musical Cultures of the Twentieth Century”. The aim of the series is to document the research activities promoted by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini Institute of Music, including those at times pursued in collaboration with other research institutes. Dedicated to the memory of Giovani Morelli, the eminent musicologist and director of the Institute of Music from its creation in 1985 until his premature death in 2011, the book brings together the proceedings from the conference in his memory, held on the island of San Giorgio in March 2013. Significantly, this book has seen the light of day in the thirtieth anniversary year of the Institute itself. The various chapters consist of the papers presented by a large group of scholars. The book thus oers an accurate account of the methodological pluralism in the studies carried out at the Institute and the constant dialogue between experts with dierent backgrounds and cultural origins on a host of themes, as the title might suggest. At the same time, the book pays homage to some of Morelli’s main research and teaching interests, such as themes related to the reproduction of music and the repercussions of technological innovation on composition and its subsequent reception.