This is the catalogue for the exhibition On Fire, curated by Bruno Corà and organised by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in collaboration with Tornabuoni Art. The show featured a group of artists and the works that they created using the most captivating of the primary elements in nature: fire. The catalogue follows the exhibition itinerary with its focus on the art of leading international artists from the second half of the 20th century who worked with fire: Alberto Burri, Yves Klein, Arman, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Jannis Kounellis and Claudio Parmiggiani. Flame, combustion and its remnants (smoke and ash) are the variations in the exploration of the destructive-creative dualism of fire. The lavish photographs bear witness to the different approaches of the artists and include rare images of them at work as well as illustrations of the results: from Burri’s “combustions” to the use of the gas flame by Klein, Arman and Kounellis, and smoke employed by Calzolari and Parmiggiani.