Tomaso Buzzi alla Venini

By institute Le Stanze del Vetro

A lively leading exponent of Milanese “Neoclassicism”, the architect Tomaso Buzzi was a friend and collaborator of Gio Ponti and also a member of the design group called Il Labirinto, together with Ponti himself and Paolo Venini. From 1932 to 1933 Buzzi was involved in a very fruitful collaboration with the Venini glassworks, which also periodically turned to him again for designs in later years. This book reconstructs Buzzi’s whole glass production, previously only barely described since few examples of his work were known. The careful documentary research highlights the context that he worked in and underscores his original creative contribution to both the forms of models and the related significant glassmaking techniques. Buzzi often designed objects inspired by ancient art and invented a kind of opaque glass with several layers of colour, finished in gold leaf. With various colour tones this gave rise to the works called laguna, alba, alga and tramonto. The catalogue surveys over 300 designs, ranging from vases to lamp shades produced by Venini, but also includes designs that Buzzi made for specific commissions and unrealised projects. The architect’s glass works are well-documented in a rich section with period photographs and, importantly, the previously unpublished drawings from the Venini historic archive and other unpublished designs now preserved in the Buzzi Archive at Scarzuola (Montegabbione) –all evidence of his great passion for glass.