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Early Music Seminars – Call for applications with scholarships

Cantar Distanti

Ignazio Donati’s theatricalization of early Baroque acoustics


Early-Music Seminars Egida Sartori e Laura Alvini Director: Pedro Memelsdorff
Master classes: Marco Mencoboni

Venice, Fondazione Giorgio Cini


From 19 to 23 October 2020, the Foundation Giorgio Cini, in collaboration with the Concordance, Irma Merk, and L. + Th. La Roche foundations, will devote an Early Music Seminar to the practice advised by Donati: a selected group of young singers, coached by Marco Mencoboni, the most renowned specialist in the field, will experiment and practice the technique, or rather the art of arranging musicians of late Renaissance or early baroque polyphony in the architectural spaces of the period.


The call is addressed to young professional or semi-professional vocal quartets and quintets, specialized in 16th-17th century music.


Downlaod ‘Cantar Distanti’


Deadline: 1 July 2020




Fondazione Giorgio Cini – Renaissance Society of America Grant / Patricia H. Labalme Grant


In 2011 Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Renaissance Society of America (RSA) established the Patricia H. Labalme Grant, awarding $3,000 to a selected scholar willing to study Renaissance-related topics in Venice, working at the Vittore Branca Center for one month.


Info: The RSA – Patricia H. Labalme Grant