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AUG, 24 2012

Institute of Theatre and Opera

The mission of the Institute of Theatre and Opera is to study the history of the performing arts, and especially in various specific areas, such as actors, opera, dance, stage design, and theatrical and musical iconography.   Since 2007, under the direction of Maria Ida Biggi, the Institute has supported research and the dissemination of

MAY, 15 — DEC, 18 2021

Auditorium “Lo Squero” – Season 2021

The Fondazione Giorgio Cini’s music season at the Squero Auditorium resumes in spring, consolidating in 2021 the ongoing collaboration with Asolo Musica, Associazione Amici della Musica, which has organised a series of 10 concerts. They will begin with a homage to Giovanni Morelli, as part of the events to mark the tenth anniversary of his

OCT, 20 2020

Sounds and words for Mario Messinis

With this event, the Istituto per la Musica of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini would like to remember the brilliant personality and extensive activity of Mario Messinis, who recently passed away. At the top of the most important institutions for the musical life of our country – the Venice Music Biennale (1979-1989 and 1992-1996), the RAI

OCT, 25 2019

Conference The Symphonic Sound of Romanticism. Theory and Practice of Conducting in the 20th Century


Developed in collaboration with the Fondazione Peter Maag (Verona) and the University of Rome-La Sapienza, this project, coordinated by Gianmario Borio, Nicola Guerini and Antonio  Rostagno consists of a series of lectures on eighteen 20th-century conductors aimed at exploring their different interpretative, stylistic and technical approaches. The whole series will focus on the interpretation and performance of

MAR, 08 2019

Round Table The “Venetian School” in the Late 20th Century. Comparing Compositional and Educational Experiences


Coordinated by Angelo Foletto, the round table will investigate the idea of the “Venetian School” put forward by musicologist Giovanni Morelli in his influential essay La Carica dei Quodlibet. What he was referring to was a milieu in the 1940s and ‘50s, or the “bottega degli ‘alti conversari’” (workshop of high-flown conversations) made up of a triangle of

APR, 27 2018

«La detestata sogliola» omaggio a Giovanni Morelli e Margot Galante Garrone

Auditorium Santa Margherita – Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia Monday 14 May 2018, 5.30pm «La detestata sogliola» omaggio a Giovanni e Margot with LELLO VOCE lectures from «Animali Immaginari» by Giovanni Morelli HELGA DAVIS «Madrigal for 9 rooms» by Andrea Liberovici MALVA RIZZATO and The songs by Margot ELISABETTA POZZI lectures from the book «La detestata sogliola» by

OCT, 04 — 18 2017

Books at San Giorgio


Books at San Giorgio, a series of meetings presenting the latest publications concerning or published by the Fondazione Cini, will resume this autumn. At the first meeting, on 4 October, the featured book is La giovinezza di Tintoretto, containing the proceedings of the conference on Jacopo Tintoretto, the great Venetian painter considered to be one


«AAA TAC» Acoustical Arts and Artifacts – Technology, Aesthetics, Communication

An International Journal Nr. 8, 2011 Edited by the  Istituto per la Musica Fabrizio Serra Editore, Pisa – Rome 2013 Con Giovanni Morelli Per Diego Carpitella Vincenzo Caporaletti, Lo swing, l’off-beat e la trance rituale. La relazione Dauer- Carpitella Walter Brunetto, Il viaggio in Italia e il viaggio nel tempo. Aspetti, storia e problemi conservativi della raccolta Lomax-Carpitella Maurizio Agamennone, Di

MAY, 18 2016

Fausto Romitelli’s personal archive presented to the Institute of Music

The Fondazione Giorgio Cini Institute of Music has announced an important new acquisition: the personal archive of the composer Fausto Romitelli (1963-2004), a figure of crucial importance on the Italian and international music scene of the last thirty years. Thanks to the donation made by his sisters Valentina and Giorgia Romitelli in a deed signed


“Studi Veneziani”, N.S. LXVIII, (2013)


Studi Veneziani, N.S. LXVIII, (2013) Edited by Istituto per la Storia della Società e dello Stato Veneziano Fabrizio Serra editore, Pisa-Rome, 2014 Studies Luigi Andrea Berto, Tutto bene sul fronte occidentale? L’immagine della frontiera della Venetia altomedievale tra secondo e terzo millennio Brian J. Maxson, Claiming Byzantium: Biondo Flavio, diplomacy, and the fourth crusade Sebastien


Biobliografia degli scritti di Giovanni Morelli


Bibliografia degli scritti di Giovanni Morelli Edited by Paolo Pinamonti with a recollection by Mario Messinis Studi di Musica Veneta 31 Leo S. Olschki editore, Florence, 2015 It is large catalogue with over 400 bibliographic entries on books, essays, reviews, musical editions and encyclopaedia entries (always with striking titles), enables the reader to chart chronologically

SEP, 29 — 30 2015

Meeting of the Italian Committee of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM)


Annual Meeting International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) Italian Committee 29-30 September, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore   PROGRAMME 29 September h. 9:30-11  Giovanni Giuriati, Guido Raschieri, Claudio Rizzoni, Simone Tarsitani Alcune considerazioni sul lavoro di catalogazione e digitalizzazione degli Archivi dell’IISMC Dina Staro Affabulatori in musica: il ballo di tradizione contadina nella pratica urbana.