ARCHiVe Online Academy 2023

plus Mar, 01Dec, 22 2023

Fondazione Giorgio Cini, in the context of the activities of the ARCHiVe Center (Analysis and Recording of Cultural Heritage in Venice), renews the appointments of AOA | ARCHiVe Online Academy, the training program dedicated to digital preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and the Digital Humanities. The meetings, also this year, will be held in presence at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini (Isola di Giorgio Maggiore, Venice) and/or online through the Zoom platform.

The program is aimed at anyone wishing to deepen their skills in the field of cultural heritage digitization.
Registration is required to participate in courses or individual talks.
The calendar of appointments is constantly being updated.

Students from the Universities Ca’ Foscari (, Iuav ( and University of Bologna ( may be granted CFUs based on the number of meetings attended.


Download the press release with the full AOA 2023/2024 schedule here.


Upcoming appointments


14 September 2023, 4pm

AOA Talk | Across the planet. The Past and the Future of libraries

Lecture with Cristina Dondi (University of Oxford) and Carolina Gris (Factum Foundation)

online; ENG

Register here.


ARCHiVe Online Academy (AOA) will host an online lecture focused on the lost libraries.

Cristina Dondi, Professor of Early European Book Heritage at the University of Oxford, where she also leads the 15cBOOKTRADE project, will present a research on the lost Benedictine Library that was once part of the monastery at San Giorgio Maggiore, now home to the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and ARCHiVe – Analysis and Recordings of Cultural Heritage in Venice. The monastery was suppressed in 1806 and its rich collection of manuscripts and incunabula was dispersed. Dondi and colleagues have identified the location of over 180 important works and continue to add new titles as they are located in museums, libraries and private collections.


While Dondi’s research is focused on a disbanded library, the work of the Middle-East Falconry Archive (MEFA), commissioned by the Mohammed Bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund (MBZRCF) and carried out by Factum Foundation based within ARCHiVe, is centred on bringing all known medieval Arabic manuscripts on Falconry together online in one place. 

Carolina Gris (Factum Foundation, Madrid-Venezia) will present a summary of the first two years work and discuss the role of IIIF and inter-library sharing to make specialist areas of interest available to a wider audience of both scholars and general interest users. This approach to the creation of specialised repositories of knowledge is paving the way to a new future for libraries and library users.




9 – 13 October 2023

Workshop AOA | Analysis and Recording of Cultural Heritage in Venice

Curated by Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Factum Foundation

on-site; ENG

Click here to download the full programme of the workshop.


Curated by Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Factum Foundation, this training initiative is focused on the application of non-contact, high-resolution digital technology to document a selection of art, archival and architectural elements of great historical interest. With a duration of 30 hours, the workshop will introduce participants to specific 2D and 3D digitization techniques and methods that ARCHiVe has been pioneering in the last years through a number of cutting-edge projects, in Venice and abroad.

The workshop will be presential and based on a learning-by-doing approach which will include theoretical and practical training. It is open to a selected group of participants (both students and professionals with diverse backgrounds) who will learn directly from the experts of Factum Foundation and Fondazione Giorgio Cini.


As in other AOA (ARCHiVe Online Academy) activities, the course will be taught in English and participation diplomas will be provided. Accommodation at the Centro Vittore Branca’s residence is available on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore. To register, send your CV and a brief letter of motivation to by 9 September 2023.


AOA 2023 archive


March 1st, 2023

La conservazione della memoria di impresa: il nuovo orizzonte degli archivi digitali (online soon)

Seminar curated /?p=89619by Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Heritage Lab Italgas


April 26 and 27, 2023
Workshop The Third Thing. On digital photography
With Ljubodrag Andric


24 May and 7 June 2023

AOA Course | ARCHiOx. Exploring the potential of photometric stereo 3D capture through recordings made at the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

Curated by John Barrett (ARCHiOx Technical Lead)

Session 1 and Session 2

course online; ENG