Books at San Giorgio

plus OCT, 1125 2016

The book launch series dedicated to the latest Fondazione Giorgio Cini publications resumes this autumn.

The first date, 11 October, is dedicated to the presentation of the Catalogo della raccolta di miniature della Fondazione Giorgio Cini, edited by Federica Toniolo and Massimo Medica. This book is the result of the work of around fifty expert scholars who made a complete catalogue of the valuable collection of miniatures assembled by Vittorio Cini and presented to the Foundation in 1962.

At the second launch, 17 October, the focus will be on Alessandro Borin’s critical edition of Vivaldi’s Opera VI. This collection of six violin concertos published in Amsterdam in 1719 is evidence of Vivaldi’s recent accomplishments, both in terms of form (the division into three movements), and the emancipation of the solo instrument from its orchestral partners.

The last date, 25 October, will be devoted to Studi Veneziani, the journal edited by the Institute for the History of the Venetian State and Society, whose hefty tomes explore various aspects of the history of Venice. On this occasion the years 2014 and 2015 will be presented: in addition to the usual studies, they include the acts of a one-day conference held at the College de France, Paris, in 2012, in memory of the historian Alberto Tenenti.