Round Table: Musical Theatre Today. Voices, Actions and Technologies

Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venezia
plus SEP, 25 2022

Organised by Gianmario Borio and Vincenzina Ottomano in collaboration with the Venice Music Biennale and Ca’ Foscari University, this round table will engage in a series of reflections on trends and experimentation in musical theatre in the 21st century, also in the light of themes that have emerged in the Music Biennale 2022 programme. The discussion will focus on key issues of contemporary creativity: new dramaturgical concepts, the choice and assembly of texts, the different ways of understanding plot and characters, the treatment of voices, and the incorporation of technologies in the overall artistic design. By comparing the experiences of recent decades within and beyond conventional stage spaces, the aim is to outline the current perspectives of the production system as a whole. Participants: Robert Adlington, Koen Bollen, Giordano Ferrari, Dorothea Hartman and Susanne Kogler.


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