Scholarships Accademia Vivaldi 2024 Masterclass on the performance practice of the music of Antonio Vivaldi

The Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi organizes six meetings on the performance practice of the compositions by Antonio Vivaldi, dedicated to young singers (max 39 years) and players.

Each meeting will take place at Fondazione Giorgio Cini, on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, in Venice.


Masterclasses will begin at 2.30 pm on the first day and end at 1.00 pm on the last day.
Teachers are the soprano Gemma Bertagnolli, the conductor Gianluca Capuano and the organist and harpsichordist Antonio Frigé.


In cooperation with Fondazione Ugo e Olga Levi, lectures by musicologists from the research group La drammaturgia musicale a Venezia (1678-1792) are scheduled at each meeting.




20 – 22 March: Basso Continuo, (Antonio Frigé). Harmonization of the bass in the compositions of Vivaldi and in the compositions at the time of Vivaldi.

8 – 11 April: Singing (Gemma Bertagnolli)

8 – 11 May: Singing (Gemma Bertagnolli)

12 – 15 June: Singing (Gianluca Capuano)

3 – 6 July: Singing (Gemma Bertagnolli)

27 – 30 November: Singing (Gemma Bertagnolli)


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