Call for applications to participate in The Exploratory: Venice New Music Courses

Call for applications for 10 singers, 10 brass players, 10 woodwinds, 10 string players and 10 composers


The title of this masterclass comes from a comment by Karlheinz Stockhausen: “The problem with music education is that we have conservatories, but we need exploratories.” The concept of exploration will inform every part of this event: the production of instrumental and vocal sound, group interaction, notation, scenic aspects of music making, and the study of the latent theoretical layers in musical practices. The masterclass teachers will be: Nicholas Isherwood for artistic direction, singing, improvisation, musical theatre and composing-performing; Abbie Conant will deal with the brass section, improvisation and composing-performing; Roberto Fabbriciani – woodwinds, improvisation, composing-performing; Séverine Ballon – strings, improvisation; Olga Neuwirth – composition, musical theatre; and Michela Garda and Ingrid Pustijanac – musicology.


Domanda di partecipazione ExploratoryENG


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Application deadline
2 May 2022