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Eyes on music: Projects on visual ethnomusicology

Workshop on audiovisual production in ethnomusicology: planning and editing call for applications for 10 scholarships addressed to ethnomusicologists or anthropologists


Teachers: Marco Lutzu and Simone Tarsitani


The Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies, in collaboration with Durham University’s Department of Music, LABIMUS – Laboratorio Interdisciplinare sulla Musica dell’Università degli Studi di Cagliari, and ARCHiVE – Analisi e Archiviazione del Patrimonio Culturale in Venezia, is offering 10 scholarships to ethnomusicologists or anthropologists interested in making films for the purposes of documenting and analyzing musical traditions.


To be held at the Fondazione Cini from 17 to 21 June 2019, the workshop on the audiovisual production in ethnomusicology (in particular focusing on the planning and editing topics) will deal with the technical and logistic aspects of audio and video recordings in the light of the most common requirements for scholarly research. During the five days, sessions of theoretical teaching will be alternated with practical exercises involving recording sounds and images. Participants will be able to try out directly the basics of the course by working on the audiovisual material recorded in 2018, in occasion of the visit by Indian singer Sunanda Sharma (backstage, interviews live recording).


Application deadline: April 16, 2019