The Manlio Malabotta Study Prize – 2017

The Institute of Art History has announced an annual competition for a study prize of 1,000 euro for scholarly articles on Italian painting and sculpture from the first half of the 20th century or Veneto art in Istria and Dalmatia.

The prize has been set up to commemorate and honour the eclectic figure of Manlio Malabotta (Trieste 1907-1975), who played a leading role in 20th-century Italian culture as a poet, intellectual, radical art critic, bibliophile and photography enthusiast, as well as being a knowledgeable and passionate art collector. His collections include works by Giorgio Morandi, a splendid group of oil paintings, drawings and lithographs by De Pisis, sculptures by Arturo Martini, paintings by Trieste artists (Vittorio Bolaffio and Giorgio Carmelich), precious cinquecentine and art books by great 20th-century masters.

Franca Fenga Malabotta recently presented the Fondazione Cini with a large group of art works, including drawings by De Pisis, sculptures by Arturo Martini, lithographs and art books by Virgilio Guidi, Aligi Sassu and De Pisis, etchings by Carrà and several antique books. In doing so, she recognised and stressed the role of “custodian of artistic expression” which the Foundation continues to exercise in the spirit of its founder Vittorio Cini. A passionate and indefatigable collector, Cini considered the works he acquired to be “companions of the past, almost living beings”, thus sharing the outlook of Manlio Malabotta.


The Fondazione Giorgio Cini Institute of Art History has announced an annual competition for a study prize of € 1.000 (one thousand euros) for articles to be published in the art history review Saggi e Memorie di Storia dell’arte. Preference will be given to research themes dealing with Italian painting and sculpture from the first half of the 20th century (especially with a focus on Filippo De Pisis and Arturo Martini) or Veneto art in Istria and Dalmatia from the Middle Ages to Neoclassicism.

Applications to take part in the competition must be sent by email (re: “Premio Manlio Malabotta”) to the Editorial Office of the Institute of Art History ( before 30 September 2017. Reception of applications will be acknowledged by a return email from the Institute Secretary’s Office. Candidates must check that they have received this message to be sure their application has arrived safely. Applications must be accompanied by the following attached documents, otherwise they will not be considered:

– the scholarly article proposed by the author(s) in Word, accompanied by notes and captions drafted according to the review editorial guidelines, with an abstract in English;

– illustrations for the article in low-medium definition JPG images;

– the author’s curriculum vitae.

In the application authors are also required to state their commitment to supply the Institute with high-definition illustrations free of copyright, if the article is accepted.

The articles will be examined by the Advisory Committee and the Anonymous Peer Review Committee of Saggi e Memorie di Storia dell’Arte. The study prize will be assigned, with no right of appeal, by the Editor of Saggi e Memorie di Storia dell’Arte. In the event of an ex aequo, the cash prize will be shared equally. It is also possible that no prize will be assigned.

The winning article will be published in Saggi e Memorie di Storia dell’Arte with the wording “winner of the Premio Manlio Malabotta Price edition” before the endnotes.