Musical instruments

Various musical instruments are conserved at the Giorgio Cini Foundation, including:

– a grand Beethoven fortepiano made by Mathias Jakesch in 1823, 2.35 x 1.30 m, five pedals
– a fortepiano made by Broderip and Longmans in 1787
– an 18th-century Neapolitan organ
– Ottorino Respighi’s pianos, a Baldwin grand piano and a 3/4 Bluetner
– Ottorino Respighi’s Neupert Vivaldi harpsichord
– an Italian harpsichord, Gazzola facsimile
– a French harpsichord with two keyboards, Baruchier facsimile
– a Flemish single keyboard harpsichord, Gordon facsimile
– a French harpsichord with two keyboards designed by a David Rubio, New York 1965
– Egida Sartori’s clavicord 1971
– Egida Sartori’s 20th-century English spinet
– Nino Rota’s harmonium, conserved in the Sala Respighi
– a Fazioli grand piano used for the Respighi concerts
– the instruments at the Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies.