Religiographies, vol.2, no.2, 2023

Da Centro Studi di Civiltà e Spiritualità Comparate

ISSN 2974-6469



Special Issue: “Religious Dimensions of Nationalism” edited by Marios Hatzopoulos

[PDF] 1-164





Introducing the Special Issue “Religious Dimensions of Nationalism”

Marios Hatzopoulos, University of Nicosia

Francesco Piraino, Giorgio Cini Foundation / Harvard Divinity School

[PDF] 1-8





Divine Secularisation: a Possible Genealogy of Nationalism
Alberto Scigliano, University of Turin

[PDF] 9-19


Sacralising the Greek Revolution
Marios Hatzopoulos, University of Nicosia

[PDF] 20-37


Andrzej Towiański. Between Catholic Esotericism and Political Messianism
Giulio Dalla Grana, University of Turin, University of Amsterdam

[PDF] 38-57


Nation and Commemoration: Cultural Saints and National Pantheons

Marijan Dović, ZRC SAZU Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies

[PDF] 58-75


The Religious Dimensions of the Esperanto Collective Identity

Federico Gobbo, University of Amsterdam

[PDF] 76-89


The Nordic Spirit and Race Psychology: Racial Conceptions of the North in Interwar Swedish National Socialism
Gustaf Forsell, Uppsala University

[PDF] 90-104


The Imagery of Christian Nationalism in Lebanon
Francesco Mazzucotelli, University of Pavia

[PDF] 105-121


“Cosmic Religion” and Apocalyptic Elements in New Hungarian National Mythologies
László-Attila Hubbes, “Sapientia” Hungarian University of Transylvania

[PDF] 122-142





Heterography: Ich hob gehoulemt ein houlem
Giorgio Albertini

[PDF] 143-153


Heterography: Ich hob gehoulemt ein houlem (Italian translation)
Giorgio Albertini

[PDF] 154-164