Invicti bellate

Federico Maria Sardelli (edited by)

Year: 2007
Publisher: S.P.E.S. Firenze

Motet for contralto, strings and basso continuo, RV 628

Among the works by Vivaldi with parts missing, there is one particularly curious case. This is the motet for Alto Solo, Invicti bellate, RV 628, well-known to the public because found in various editions, performances and recordings, which all share the same ingenuousness: no one had noticed that four pages of the manuscript, containing something like 110-120 bars of music, are missing. This situation required clearing up. The motet cannot be performed in the state it has come down to us. In the face of a recent uncritical fashion tending to reconstruct all the incomplete works at any cost, this edition deliberately presents the bare text, accompanied, however, by a wide-ranging historical introduction attempting to clear up the dating and the work’s position in Vivaldi’s vast repertoire of sacred music.

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