Etnomusicologia applicata: prospettive e problemi

ISBN 978-88-96445-01-3

1 – 3 February 2003
Island of San Giorgio Maggiore – Venice

Introduzione di Giovanni Giuriati

Interventi di:
Francesco Giannattasio – Introduction: Ethnomusicology and its indispensable social function: it is not time any more for aesthetizing patronage

Lauret Aubert – Les passeurs de musique

Maurizio Agamennone – Unexpected feats of ethnomusicology in the
Belpaese: information, publishing, training of musicians, and live
performances in the policies of local administrations and EU programs

Trevor Wiggins – Ethnomusicology and music education: tradition, transmission, change and innovation in West Africa and Europe

Serena Facci- Musics and cultures in italian didactic publications

Matilde Callari Galli – Conferring value to traditions and cultural tourism: a project of co-operation at university level in Cambodia

Giovanni Giuriati – The
ethnomusicologist and his multifaceted range of action: from consulting
to training, from sound archives to musical performance