Religiographies | Guidelines for peer reviewers

Thank you for agreeing to do a peer-review for Religiographies, which is an international, peer-reviewed, open access online journal for the academic study of religious phenomena. Authors are not charged fees, and articles are available to all to read. Your review should be completed within five weeks of receipt of this communication; if you think you may need longer, please let us know immediately. Reviews should be sent electronically as an attachment to


Evaluation criteria and process

Questions to address in the review:
– Does the article fit the aims and scope of Religiographies and, if not, could it be revised to do so?
– Does the article submitted represent a significant contribution to academic knowledge?
– Considering the interdisciplinary approach of Religiographies, is the submitted article written in a clear and accessible manner? Does it communicate its central arguments effectively?
– Does the submitted article engage with the relevant literature and, if not, what important works are missing?


The review can opt for one of the following alternatives:
– Acceptance without the need for changes
– Acceptance with minor revisions
– Likely acceptance after more significant revisions.
– Rewrite and resubmit
– Rejection